A hard days night: The Bishops Court Affair

The Bishops Court Affair
Punk, skinheads, drugs and vampires

The game begins on a Tuesday in late May 1992 with our “heroes”, a bunch of thieves, drug addicts, skinheads, bouncers, failed med students and general drop outs, hanging out at the squat lived in by Felix, Cole and Dave.


The police pay a call to the area attempting to find both Felix and Curtis whom they believe to be in the area but the lads manage to evade capture.


Later that evening “Shitty Dog”, the band that Dave and Cynthia are in, plays a gig at a local punk/grunge venue in Hackney, the Temple of everything.
A fair few chemicals are taken and it starts off as a pretty fun night …
…. but ends up pretty crazy …. after an intense gig, punctuated by a couple of brawls in the mosh pit, Dave, Felix, Cole and Curtis get set upon by some thugs paid by a loan shark to get back money that Curtis owes.
A vicious alleyway fight takes place with one of the thugs getting stabbed (non fatality) by Dave.
The police are called but the lads escape.
The same evening earlier on Johnathon, who has had a “thing” for Tori attempts to seduce her at the gig … she dismisses his advances but in so doing finds herself alone in another back alley … and confronted by two vampire hunters who have tracked her down. A nasty but short fight takes place with Tori suffering a wound in her arm but managing to rip the hand off one of her attackers.
The next two days are reasonably quiet for the crew as they recover from both hangovers and various injuries.
Tori rests up in her lair and regenerates the wound to her arm.
On Thursday Curtis is down at the local bookmakers and he overhears a conversation by a couple of toughs talking about the bounty that is out on Felix’s head for a long overdue drug order that hasn’t been paid. Curtis decides to keep this to himself as he wants all his friends to join him for the big night out on Saturday when “Shitty Dog” will again be playing at the Temple of Everything but this time with some more (and better) bands …. and does want to spook Felix.
On Friday all of the players end up back at the Bishiop’s Court squat for a pretty fully on drug session. Again Johnathon attempts to hook up with Tori and again she pushes him gently away. Johnathon, who decides not to shot up that evening does notice that the smack that Tori injects does’t really seem to have much effect on her.
Its a late night with thoses who don’t live at the squat generally rolling out the door about 3am but agreeing that everyone will meet at the squat again before the big gig the next evening.
Cynthia, decides to start, more than a little drug addled, to consult some of her Chinese magical texts and rituals. She is alarmed to see after attempting the same future seeing ritual several times the same results keep coming back … blood, death and a winged creature.
Late that afternoon and into the early evening, Saturday, the group arrives a the Bishop’s Court squat. Heavy drinking and drug taking then ensue. About 10pm the group roll out the door on the way to the “The Temple of Everything” for the gig. “Shitty Dog” are first up to play around 11:30 and that is when EVERYTHING kicks off ….
“Shitty Dog” are just firing up on their second song when several different groups attempt to apprehend or attack the party … the thugs from the loan shark for Curtis, the mobsters who are working for the druglord to get the money back from Felix, several armed with a guns, and four vampire hunters who are planning to end Tori for good.
In the ensuing chaos and violence Dave is shot in the leg by one of the thugs and Cole is knocked unconscious in the brawl. The rest of the party flee on foot, just as the police who are looking for Felix and Curtis show up. A gun fight takes place between the police and the mobsters.
Curtis, Felix, Cynthia, Tori and Jonathon, some of whom injured, manage to make it back to Bishops Court, only to be confronted by both the thugs and the vampire hunters. Cynthia and Curtis end up being chased by the thugs resulting in a thug failing to Cynthia witch magic but not before Curtis is stabbed to death.
Back at Bishops Court Tori, goes full vampire crazy, to the horror and amazement of her remaining friends and attacks the vampire hunters, demolishing them all in a variety of gruesome and bloody ways.
After the very quick death’s of the vampire hunters Tori turns her attention on her other witnesses and proceeds to tear the immobilized with terror, Jonathan’s throat out.
Felix’s mind snaps and he runs babbling and drooling out into the night … his mind permanently unhinged by the night creature he has just seen in all her terrible glory.
Tori realising that Felix is now a raving madman and is of no threat to her, lets him run, opens her bat like wings and slowly flaps off into the night … to find a new group of humans to hide among.


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